In Grupo Hexa our main value are people. We do continuously research about quality and safety at work politics that help us to strengthen our main value to reach our objectives.

The customize service is the basis of our philosophy or working and we do it with the ambition of offering our clients the more competitive prices and the best market conditions.

We work in alliance with the main Spanish banks as a proof of our commitment with our clients.

The company’s strategies in the future focus on the maintenance of our growth process at a constant, sustained rate; with the support of good foundations to allow us confront new challenges.

In the real estate area we have established different strategies:

- To continue with the market segmentation, promoting primary residence for a middle-income class
- To promote the subsidized housing
- To increase the importance of tertiary developments, mainly industrial land
- To continue with the geographical diversification in Andalusia based on future business opportunities.

- Internationalisation process in both areas: construction and civil engineering as well as promotion.

- Analysis of business opportunities in other public and private sectors.